Set de table Jackob


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This cutlery set is made from stainless steel. For the wrought-iron look it has a hammer scale decoration. It is blackened and brushed afterwards.
The two-pronged fork and the spoon are twisted at the upper part of the handle. You can tie the set together with a leatherstrip or string through a little hole on the end of each handle.
We recommend our « Friedhelm » cutlery pouch to transport the set inside safely.
A pretty cutlery is essential for a rusty feast, for medieval camplife or the breakfasttable of a LARP.  This cutlery set is hand wash only! Please apply some oil if you store it for a longer time.

Material: stainless steel
Lengh of each piece: approx. 18 cm

The set includes a fork, a spoon and a knife

Set de table Jackob

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